(1) Toward the paradigm shift of fluid dynamic technology

Fig. 1 Our project for product design innovation

We try to use CFD for the paradigm shift of aerodynamic technology (based on my message in the Guggenheim award lecture at ICAS Congress in 2004). We consider DBD plasma actuators (DBD-PA) as a tool with strong potential to realize the idea. With these devices, we intend to change conventional design methodology based on well-designed geometries to new design methodology based on simple geometries with small or micro devices (Fig. 1)”. Figure 2 shows that this small device with only hundreds of micro―meters thick will reduce large-scale flow separation over an airfoil. This would enable much higher performance than would be imagined by evolutionary effort for high aerodynamic performance.

(a) DBD-PA off

(b) DBD-PA on

Fig. 2 Flow separation control with DBD-PA

We had three projects on this topic in the past from 2008, each having three years, under JPSP funding (Kiban-A), and one CFD application project for K supercomputer for five years. Based on the knowledge of flow structures and mechanism of flow control, we currently have another JSPS project (Kiban-A) from 2018-2020 (extended to 2021 due to Covid-19 pandemic) that would realize a small airplane fly using plasma actuators and identify effectiveness of this device for flyers. We have collaboration with three companies for industrial application of plasma actuators as well.

See the following references for our activities in general.

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