(3) Fluid dynamic analysis required for rapidly changing society

Fig. 1 Simulation of air traffics toward Haneda from other domestic airports.

We always consider traffics as flows. We use words like “flow of people”, “flow of parcels”, “flow of air traffic”, “flow of vehicles”, “flow of trains” “flow of money” and even “flow of life”. As fluid dynamic researchers, we would like to take care of “all types of flows” hidden in our society. For these types of flows, equations governing phenomena may not be well defined. Therefore, we take phenomenological approach rather than numerically solving equations. One useful approach is Cellular Automaton (CA) multi-agent model approach.
We decided to focus on the air traffic control since (1) aerospace engineering is our main research filed, and (2) we recently experience a lot of delays and cancellations of flights every day and it is an emerging problem for rapidly growing air traffics.

Fig. 2 Simulation of surface traffics inside an airport (Spot assignments)

We started application software development project “Model and simulation tool development of optimum robust and resilient traffic systems” under the Exploratory Challenges Program of Post-K supercomputer development in Japan.